Patriotic Quilted Notecards & Envelopes -  a delightful project by Artful Offerings - fthese Patriotic note cards are perfct for using fat quarter bundles and scraps, and each of these small art treasures are so fun & easy to create!  Each pattern comes with an envelope & 2 notecard designs.  Make several to have on hand at a moments notice.  Slip a personal note or poem into the back pocket of the quilted notecard & it's ready to send!   The fabric envelopes are adorned with faux stamps you make from fabric scraps and buttons.  Further adorn the  envelopes with fabric address labels and seal them with beautiful buttons, ribbons and bows.  Quilted Notecards & Envelopes are the perfect projects for using those wonderful fat quarter bundles, scraps and cherished trimmings such as buttons, laces, and ribbons!

Quilted Notecards {6" H x 8-3/4" W}

Quilted Envelopes {6-1/2" H x 9-1/2" W}


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